For clients embarking on business expansion or incubation we assist in equity sourcing, loan debenture sourcing/advice and debt/equity mix.

  • Loan workouts and problem loan management: this is a special product that has been developed with Banks and Financial institutions in mind. The focus would be to help in the management of problem loans, act as turn around or receiver managers and help in loan work out negotiations and management. Our review have shown that quite a lot of financial institutions carry huge amounts as bad and doubtful loans, which can be better managed if carved out of the active portfolios of banks.
  • Joint Venture Capital funding and management: We also provide the management of joint venture companies and projects either as start- ups or as a going concern. We structure joint ventures arrangements on an entry basis and also provide the necessary exit procedures. We believe that joint ventures are the necessary engine for non-economic development and are pleased to have been able to develop our expertise in this particular area.