This involves Training and Training Needs Analysis, Personnel Outsourcing, Performance Appraisal System Design, Manpower Audit and Review staff recruitment etc. We review the human resource capital with a view to determine their appropriateness and sufficiency. We offer recruitment of top-level personnel and provide relevant training for capacity building.

We provide the following Human Resource development services:

Human Resource Planning 

  1. Agree the career development path on a departmental basis and evolve effective planning for the future development of leaders at all
  2. Identify the training needs of each staff along in a career path, and develop training needs analysis for the
  3. Put forward a manpower development plan for each category of staff.

Design of Employee Evaluation and Performance Appraisal System

 With the competitive nature of your industry and the need to continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness of your staff, corporations have become aware of the need to develop and implement a suitable employee appraisal and evaluation system which can be used as a scientific basis for employee evaluation, appraisal and reward.

This scientific basis of evaluation serves three purposes;