The complexity of fiscal legislation has increased considerably the demands from clients for tax advice. We provide comprehensive service on taxation for corporate and individual clients in the following areas:

  1. Companies income tax
  2. Personal income tax
  3. Petroleum profit tax
  4. Capital gains tax
  5. Sales tax
  6. Value added tax
  7. Withholding tax

The firm also provides the following services: 

Corporate tax

Here we review your audited accounts for tax management purposes; we compute your tax returns, liaise with the Federal Inland Revenue Services and agree tax liabilities. Under this we shall take a critical review of your company’s operations based on the contents of your audited financial

statements that would be made available to us by your Auditors. We shall prepare tax returns and agree tax liabilities with the Inland Revenue Authority, taking into consideration the existing Tax Laws.

We shall liaise with the revenue authorities on behalf of your company with a view to providing adequate and up to date information on relevant tax laws as it affects your operations.

Finally, we will obtain Companies Income tax clearance certificate for your organization and attend to all queries and investigations concerning your company.

Pay As You Earn Tax

We review your current payroll to enable us determine the tax liabilities of each member of staff while taking into consideration all statutory laws and guidelines to their advantage.

We shall review and examine your current Payroll for the purpose of determine the tax liability for each member of your staff. Our advice  would be based on your current profit and the amount of physical cash you actually want to put into the hands of your staff.

We will design a structure to be adopted as a suitable PAYE Taxation System for your organization taking into consideration the statutory tax laws and guidelines. This is aimed at minimizing and managing the tax liability payable to a comfortable level.

We shall monitor the completion and filing of form A in order to process deduction cards to get the free pay allowance, thereby reducing the tax burden on each member of staff. We shall attend to all tax audit/investigation that may involve your company and at the end ensure that a letter of clearance is obtained for your organization.

At the end of the year, we shall file form H (Employer’s Annual Return Form) with the relevant Internal Revenue Authority.

Tax Savings:

 The current development in PAYE tax administration in some states cannot be over emphasized. Thus, with the desire to reasonably minimize personal income tax liability of our client’s staff without contravening any tax laws.